Welcome to Music with Mr. Ed

Music is life and every life has it’s own song. On this blog I am planning to post about virtually anything having to do with music, the arts, life, some facts, some opinions, some musings of a musician and whatever notes I feel inspired to share here.

Some of the things I share will touch on things like:

  • Good practice tips and habits
  • How to prepare for an audition
  • Groups and people that are using music around the world to better the lives of the underserved and underprivileged
  • Cool and interesting things I find on YouTube or elsewhere on the web
  • Concert, album and song reviews – maybe even movies – as I see and hear them
  • Suggested reading for musicians and parents of musicians
  • Blogs I follow or recommend
  • Things that uplift the soul and encourage the spirit of creativity in its many wonderful and varied expressions
  • Finally, I will post things that encourage vision and hope, for us as artists, and for the humanity with whom we are privileged to share our gifts.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Mr. Ed

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