Summary of The Big Talent Showcase

The Big Talent Showcase with Music With Mr Ed's Jason & Bobby Chiorean and Ed BlackwellThe Big Talent Showcase was an amazing 5 day – 4 night experience for me and my students Jason & Bobby Chiorean (a.k.a. ROVE) and Takuma Matsui! The talent, the scouts and all the agents, labels, special guests, etc. stayed in the same hotel so the performer had to always “be on” – best behavior, friendly and approachable, dressed and made up – because they never knew when they would run into one of the judges or be requested to be seen by one of them.

I had the good fortune of bringing some outstanding talent, eating, meeting and talking with most of the judges and celebrity guests, working closely with Tami Smith of Nova and Manny Mijares of Upscale Records and helping to stage and put on the final night showcase. Backstage isn’t pretty, but is sure was fun! Both ROVE and Takuma were selected to perform in the final night showcase with ROVE missing winning the entire vocal event by 1 point! BUT, they were offered a publishing contract for their songs to be recorded and used for TV and movies! They both also got to model at our benefit fashion show because they were short on men (pun intended) and they loved it! Hmmm, I wonder if they’re thinking about expanding their careers.

Anyway, I think the main reason Takuma didn’t make the top 3 was because he was sick and missed one of his earlier scheduled performances and that probably affected the final decision. The other performers and the other scouts thought he was brilliant. I happen to agree! Also, it might have been a bit much for me to have only brought the two acts and to have both of them in the top 3. I’m just sayin’! I am so proud of them and have nothing but the highest of hopes and expectations for their careers.

In addition to performing, the talent was served with very important industry insider information including such topics as picking an agent, how to audition, marketing yourself, what the industry is really like, watching out for unhealthy people and situations in the industry, and more.

I came away with some wonderful contacts and friends as well as an excitement about continuing to work with and scout talent for NOVA and The BTS. The next event is scheduled for August 5th-9th in Las Vegas and will definitely be in a family-friendly setting at one of the major hotels. So we’ve already begun the search for the next performers to have their opportunity. They only accept 60-70 well screened acts total, meaning acting, singing, dancing, bands, etc., all combined.

Should I be looking for YOU or someone you know? Contact me while there is still time and space.

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